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The 1609 Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

This one's a twofer! We talked for a while about the new shoe regulations handed down from World Athletics and how everything has shaken out there with the AlphaFlys. We also talked about some race results and some broken records from Millrose. 

After that, we got to talk to Megan Youngren, a name you might recognize...

Jan 25, 2020

Last episode we had nothing to talk about, this episode we've got a full docket. We briefly talked about USATF XC results, Houston Half and Full results, Dubai, shoes, Farah, and had THREE(!) great listener emails. Alex also talked about running a marathon (this time with some actual experience to back it up).

Catch us...

Jan 11, 2020

We were short on content this week. We talked Houston fields and then Evan got really into explaining the Hakone Ekiden and that was pretty much it. So we got our friend and podcast emailer Scott to come on and talk with us and then we tried a new bit which is just running down the LetsRun training forum threads and...

Jan 1, 2020

There were really only a handful of things on the docket, but we managed to do almost two hours tonight, so we're pretty proud of ourselves. We talked about a lot of best year/decade lists and more on winter running. And what we'd like to see out of running social media in the next decade. And Star Wars. And Disney...

Dec 15, 2019

Nope! Today we had Footlocker and Club Nats! We also covered some miscellaneous shoe news, a super fast U20 race result, CIM, and we went through some gift guides!

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